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Nowhere Man

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یکشنبه 9 فروردین‌ماه سال 1383


Since I am not a sunflower,
The spring
Is not sufficient
(without you)

The Fish

Late afternoon.
Hamstrung by shallows,
A fin in the sun.
I killed it to eat.
Dead, it was so beautiful
I left it as spoiled meat.


Imposing on the world
My personality.
Imposing on the sea
My footprint.

If ever you lie;
If ever you cheat;
I'll kick you with my stinky feet.

I know you are poor;
I know you are cheap;
And good thing for you;
I know your love's deep.

As deep as the ocean;
As the wide as the sea;
Please brush and floss
And give love to me.

On one day a year I know that you'll bring
Flowers and chocolates though not a gold ring.

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